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The first page of the Chronicon Pictum.

Chronica Hungarorum (Chronicle of the Hungarians) is the title of several works treating the early Hungarian history.

Chronicon Pictum[edit]

The most famous of the variants is the Vienna Illuminated Chronicle, i.e. the Chronicon Pictum (1358–1370, ed. S. Ladislaus Endlicher 1827), deriving the name from its magnificent illustrations and the fact that it was kept in the Viennese Imperial Library.

Buda Chronicle[edit]

A popular chronicle partly based on the Chronicon Pictum (entitled just Chronica Hungarorum) was circulated in a printed form. It is also known as the Buda Chronicle. It was produced in 1473 by András Hess and is the first incunabulum ever printed in Hungary (Buda, András Hess, 1473, 70 fol., 2º.)

It relates the history of Hungary from the earliest times to the coronation of King Matthias. Eleven copies of the chronicle are known to survive, two of them in Hungary: one in the National Széchényi Library and another in the Budapest University Library.

Johannes de Thurocz[edit]

The third chronicle entitled Chronica Hungarorum, partly based on the Chronicon Pictum, was produced by Johannes de Thurocz Hungarian: Thuróczy János, c.1435-90, ed. E. Galantai, J. Kristo, E. Malyusz, Budapest 1985-88), the first layman known to have written a book in the Kingdom of Hungary.

This work (Brno, 1488, Augusburg, 1488) presents events as seen by an educated nobleman. The chronicle is described in the article on the author.

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